The Story Of The Cow Cafe

A long time ago, a local dairy at which Mildred Green was a key person, was preparing for a food show. Mildred had the idea of a Cow Cafe for their booth exhibit and it was done, complete with adult cows perched on barstools having ice cream and milkshakes, to the baby cow sitting on the floor, drinking its bottle of milk. The dairy won the award for the best booth exhibit.

Some years later, when Mildred and Jim came together, not only in Holy matrimony but in their career endeavor as well, Mildred told him of the food show booth and asked what he thought about the concept of a real Cow Cafe. Always wanting to please his bride, Jim looked around and found space at the dairy that could be converted into a little cafe, sort of. In something near record time and with no restaurant experience, Jim transformed a little 800 square foot area into the first Cow Cafe, complete with lots of black spots on white backgrounds. It opened December 19, 1994 and the cafe served hot dogs, ice cream, offered a few cow gifts for sale and featured a little barnyard play area which they called "Calf Corner". It was determined right away that there would be no bulls, steers or heifers at the cafe, but only mama cows, papa cows and baby cows. The mission statement was simple, "To bring a smile to children in need of a smile".

Containers of ice cream lined up along counter